Pebble Mine & EPA | Stop It. Just Stop It.

You know the story. The mining corporations want to extract gold from the pristine headwaters of Bristol Bay — one of the worlds great Salmon producing systems. The mining corporations stand to make gobs of money so they lobby, donate, and grease their way into another hearing, permit meeting, or variance application that has a chance to get them the greenlight. It’s groundhog day again, and this time the mining corporations have found a willing audience with the Environmental Protection Agency, who are considering a reversal of restrictions which prevent the discharge of dredged/fill material from mining activities.

We strongly urge you to not only submit comments, but to encourage others to do so as well. As we’ve all seen for decades, assurances of safety and mitigation of impacts are the entry point to the death spiral. Bristol Bay produces an annual bounty of riches, and to trade that for one-time megacorp profits is an awful idea.

Click Here to give comments to the EPA. Then send the link to your friends.

p.s. Photo above from Yellowstone Park. Consider it our artists concept of what Pebble Mine retention ponds might look like.

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