House Rules

While we very much appreciate the involvement of the community, this is first and foremost a news site. So while it’s expected that many comment will be expressing opinion on the topic, those opinions are subject to the house rules… These rules are crafted to keep Tidal Exchange a healthy and reasonable place… If we’ve rejected your comment, you likely had a comment which violated one of these rules…

We of course welcome feedback, both cheers and jeers, about our work — but again those comments should follow these house rules…

Comments will be rejected if they…

  • Are off-topic
  • Are in poor taste and/or use inappropriate language for a news site
  • Offer only insults
  • Contain slurs or otherwise offensive charactarizations of any race, creed, color, sexual orientation. Criticism and frustration are fine but when they become stereotypical we have a problem
  • Contain personal details of any person, including the poster
  • Contain spam or inappropriate URLs/links

We reserve the right to edit user comments. In the event we feel the need to do so, we will try to make it clear in cases where we do.