About Tidal Exchange

Tidal Exchange is written and edited by a diverse team of outdoor and conservation enthusiasts. Most of us have spent our entire lifetimes exploring and caring for Washington waterways and fisheries. Our mission is to see it protected and enhanced for future generations. We have staff science, legal, business and regional policy experts. This allows us to craft a unique and authoritative take on Washingon State’s unique waterways and wildlife management issues.

When you see “Tidal Exchange Staff” on the byline, this is who we mean:

Dave Croonquist, Clallam County | Fisheries Biology, Wildlife Enforcement | 50+ years of experience Washington waterways, 30+ years of wildlife enforcement. BS in Fisheries Mgmt/Admin from UW. 16+ years on Puget Sound Recreational & Fisheries EnhancementAdvisory groups.

Francis Estalilla, MD; Grays Harbor County | Grays Harbor, Willapa Bay, & Columbia River | 25+ years of experience on Washington waterways, 12+ years Grays Harbor & Willapa Bay WDFW Recreational Advisory Panel, freelance outdoor writer.

Ryley Fee, King County | Policy, IT/Database & Photography | 40+ years of experience on Washington waterways. Member of Puget Sound Partnership Salmon Recovery Council, 4+ years on Puget Sound WDFW Recreational Advisory Panel.

Brian Fleming, King County | Database and Web Coding, WebOps | 10+ years of experience on Washington waterways. BS in Physics/Computer Science.

Steve Fransen, Thurston County| Fisheries Biology | 40 years fisheries biology work for Washington State, Tribal, and federal agencies.

Duane Inglin, Thurston County | Communications & Policy | 40+ Years experience on Washington waters, 13 years on WDFW Recreational Advisory Panel/Region Six. 7 years in Seattle-based outdoor radio & TV.

Curt Kraemer, Snohomish County | Fisheries Biology | 65+ years experience on Washington waters. BS in fisheries from University of Washington.

Matt McCulloch, Kitsap County | Fisheries & Photography | 40+ years of experience on Washington waterways, 20+ as professional guide. Owner/operator Tyee Charters.

Todd Ripley, King County | Legal, Policy and Business | 40+ years of experience on Washington waterways. Owner RVRFSHR tackle.