Miranda Wecker Resigns from WDFW Commission

In what can only be described as a huge loss for fish & wildlife, Miranda Wecker today announced her intention to resign from the Fish and Wildlife Commission, effective August 6th. Here’s a brief exerpt from her letter announcing her decision:

“I leave the Commission after 12 years with deep gratitude for the opportunity I had to contribute to the governance process. I leave more convinced than ever that it is vital that citizens step forward, with good will and optimism, and engage their talents constructively in the formulation of policies. Government is always a work-in-progress and it can be made better by public participation. Government service is honorable work with many decent, energetic and skilled professionals involved in it.”

Regular attendees/observers of the Commission are universal in the assessment that she was regularly a voice of insight and wisdom for the commission. The loss of her extraordinary leadership on difficult issues will leave a tremendous hole to be filled. We’d like to pass our thanks and appreciation to Commissioner Wecker, your voice will be sorely missed.

…and alarmingly, our concerns from our The Gillnet Empire Strikes Back | Commissioners Getting Picked Off? story from six months ago are even more serious with Commissioner Wecker — a strong supporter of Columbia River reforms — vacating her seat.

This further raises the importance and the stakes that Larry Carpenter be re-appointed, and certainly the recreational community should be looking squarely at the Governors office for clear answers on the support not only for recreational fishing, but Columbia River reforms.

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  1. This is extremely bad news and very troubling indeed. The Commission is our one, last great hope of ever having a fair seat at the table. All out efforts are underway to eliminate the recreational sportsmen from any meaningful participation in the fisheries management. With Commissioner Wecker’s departure, we have lost a true ally and one of the few with a moral compass.

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