2017 List of Agreed Fisheries

The List of Agreed Fisheries (aka LOAF) was published by WDFW today. This marks the end of the North of Falcon process for the year. A cursory review of this document seems consistent with prior releases from the recent season setting process.

We’ll be digging into this a bit deeper — as our first cursory look doesn’t locate any provisions for In-Season Updates (ISU) in Marine Areas should Coho returns to the Stilliquamish and Skagit substantially exceed forecasts. More on this after a more thorough review of the document.

Until then, here’s the document in all it’s glory: 2017-18 LOAF

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  1. Mike Kennedy | April 29, 2017 at 3:46 am | Reply

    WFDF is opening area 9 for catch and release Chinook, do these numbers count against the catch and keep Quota? There isn’t much clarity

    • Page 27 of the LOAF is where the A9 recreational fisheries are listed, where are you seeing the C&R season you’re talking about? All the fisheries here have modeled impacts on ESA Chinook, even non-chinook retention periods like late August.

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