Oregon | Folding Under Gillnetter Pressure?

It’s time to reach out to your friends in Oregon…

On November 9th, gillnet advocates will be attempting to undermine Oregon’s clearly made policy decision to remove gillnets from the Columbia. Specifically, they aim to reverse the joint Oregon/Washington plan to remove non-tribal gillnets from the main-stem of the Columbia River, and prioritize recreational fishing in these waters.

The ODFW has received no shortage of correspondence from its citizens on the topic, and we’re here to encourage you to help out in whatever way you can. If you’re like most of our readers, you are a Washington state resident, so send a link to this article to your friends/facebook contacts who live in Oregon:


  1. Show up on Wednesday the 9th and give testimony! Agenda/details here.
  2. Send email of your own: ODFW_commission@state.or.us
  3. Use the action form that CCA Washington has built here

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