Puyallup Tribe to Battle Electron Dam in Court

The Electron dam on the Puyallup River may be teetering on the brink.

The dam has long impeded migration of salmon and steelhead, with substandard fish passage. This situation greatly worsened when the dam owners — in an attempt to make modifications and repairs — elected to dump tons of scrap field-turf material as fill material. Anyone who has walked a dog or played a game on field-turf knows it’s full of ground rubber pellets, and those pellets have now washed downriver — creating a massive ecological disaster.

The dam sells power to Puget Sound Energy, who have expressed alarm, and are the only viable customer for Electron’s power. Now in a recent development, the Puyallup Tribe appears poised to sue the dame operators for violations of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Here at Tidal Exchange, we’re studying the history of this dam, and plan to write a significant piece in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, to read more on today’s news about the Puyallup Tribe Lawsuit, head on over to Crosscut.

Puyallup Tribe Eyes Lawsuit

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