Comprehensive Management Plan for Puget Sound Chinook

Puget Sound Shoreline | Ingrid Taylar | Creative Commons

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As details emerge regarding the new Puget Sound Chinook Management Plan brokered in private between WDFW and the NWIFC members, we will begin to assess impacts to Washington State recreational sport fisheries and issue articles in the future. In the meantime, We are posting the plan so that you can download it and read it for yourself.


3 Comments on "Comprehensive Management Plan for Puget Sound Chinook"

  1. Again, the results of Secret Meetings, which this time have not only prohibited the non-tribal citizens from any oversight, but has also excluded our fishery advisory boards and THE COMMISSION! We must end this continued practice of the Department and Tribal Co-managers to feel immune from any public oversight while conducting closed door agreements that impact all non-tribal citizens. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Call for this flawed plan to be rescinded immediately and tell the Commission to write open meetings into their policy. We, the citizen sportsmen are not second class citizens.

  2. Toby Nixon, President of the Washington Coalition for Open Government, has suggested that the Fish and Wildlife Commissioners need only to vote on, approve and write into their by-laws the Open Meetings Principle for all interactive sessions–that act would bring about some well-needed change. That simple action would have provided the transparency necessary to avoid what has just taken place. The recent formulation of the Ten Year Management Plan excluded the Commissioners’ oversight, perspective and participation- which happen to be a primary role within their administrative duties. Looks to me like they need the guarantees of the Open Meetings Act as much as we stakeholders do…

  3. Francis Estalilla | December 11, 2017 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    “Looks to me like they need the guarantees of the Open Meetings Act as much as we stakeholders do…”

    How ironic, yet how true.

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