WTF!?!? | Leave Northwest Monuments ALONE

If you care about Northwest salmon runs, you know that healthy rivers are absolutely essential to their survival. As such, protecting + restoring those habitats are one of our top priorities here at Tidal Exchange, and we’d like you to join us…

Specifically, we encourage you to offer your comments rejecting the federal review of Hanford Reach National Monument. This monument includes a large stretch of the Columbia River, and significantly productive salmon spawning grounds. One of the worst things we could do for the already distressed salmon runs in our state is to further compromise productive spawning habitat — this is a no brainer from an economic and fisheries standpoint. There’s no excuse, we’ll even provide you some reasons to consider for your comments:

  • Salmon have significant historic, cultural, and economic value to our state. Putting any of that at risk is unacceptable.
  • The idea that Hanford Reach was made into a National Monument “without adequate public outreach and coordination with relevant stakeholders” is laughable. Years of public meetings and process went into this decision.
  • The economic value of healthy CR salmon runs pays off annually and forever. Any sale of this property is a one-time event.
  • It’s unclear that the feds even have the legal foundation to consider reversing these monument designations. A similar effort in 1938 was stopped by the US Attorney General.

Take Action: Click Here to give your comments to the feds…


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