Wild Fish Conservancy Dropping Lawsuits?

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Reporting from Northwest Sportsman Magazine has turned up a motion, filed by the Wild Fish Conservancy, to not pursue the preliminary injunction against the NMFS seeking to block the continued release of hatchery fish. The Wild Fish Conservancy has made a name for itself using the courts to block the release of hatchery fish, on the grounds that hatchery origin fish can present significant endangered species impacts on wild fish.

We are glad to see the presence of a biological opinion has removed this legal threat to hatchery production. Additionally, let’s all hope that the implementation of changes in hatchery production recommended in the biological opinion are a win for fish and fisheries in the area.

Read the details over at NW Sportsman

Photo by flightlog

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  1. Yep! let’s raise more fish so the tribes can take them.

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