Oregon Commission Folds | Shreds Promises to Anglers, CR Chaos Inbound

It’s difficult to overstate the degree to which the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission shredded its promises to sportfishermen. After collecting years of endorsement fees specifically targeted to sunset gillnets on the Columbia River mainstem, this weekend they decided simply not to follow through on their part of the bargain.

We’re not sure which word fits the situation best: theft? corruption? deception? disappointment? All seem appropriate to some degree…

The good folks over at Northwest Sportsman magazine have an excellent blog post up with plenty of detail and quotes, we suggest you read it

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  1. New catch and release mortality rates from canadian scientists is bad news for sport fishing groups and their claims of selectivity.New science shows a fifty percent mortality rate for pre spawn males and up to a one hundred percent mortality rate for pre spawn females.Possible ballot measure to end sport fishing possible.

    • Keith, do you have a source? Obviously these numbers are *drastically* divergent from peer reviewed studies that have driven policy making in-state. Without a citation, you could be quoting a study about any variety of fish in any habitat imaginable (salt/fresh/etc). We look forward to reading it.

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