Point No Point Boat Ramp | Definite Maybe

Photo by Jan Tik | Creative Commons

The sometimes endless seeming saga of the boat ramp at Point-No-Point lurched forward a bit this week, on news that the State and Tribes had gotten closer on an agreement. The bargaining chip that may seal the deal? Fish food. For real. Here’s the quote:

“If we could, for a short time, partner in paying for fish food for (tribal) net pens … that may be promising,” said Ron Warren, head of Fish and Wildlife’s fish program.

We’ll watch next month’s Fish and Wildlife council agenda with interest to see if this appears. Meanwhile read the full story full story over at the Kitsap Sun.

2 Comments on "Point No Point Boat Ramp | Definite Maybe"

  1. Get the nets out of all rivers in Washington.

  2. The tribes make enough money from the casinos. Let them buy their own damned fish food for their net pens. They get the majority of the fish anyway. In 2016 they got 100% of the coho. I am tired of my license fees going to pay for producing fish we get no opportunity to catch.

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